Field service management (FSM) solution
We offer ready to use and highly customizable solution for automating the processes of managing mobile employees and related processes.
Telecommunication companies
Internet in apartments, equipment maintenance in communication centers
The medicine
Home doctors, ambulance
Property maintenance
Plumbers, electricians, gas service repairmen, cleaners, gardeners, others
Freight forwarders, inspectors, security guards, linemen
• Assistance in the optimal distribution of tasks between employees
• Access to information about the current location of the executors and the status of their tasks, with the possibility of their redistribution
• Providing employees with the necessary information about tasks and related objects
• Interaction with external data sources for receiving and sending information about tasks and related information, employees, etc.
• Generating reports about employees, tasks, serviced objects, company performance
The solution includes:
• A web portal for employees responsible for managing tasks and monitoring the work of tasks executors
• A mobile application for executors
• A control panel to configure the system
• An integration layer for system interaction with external software
• Creating tasks in the system manually and automatically by importing from external software
• Distribution of tasks among executors manually and automatically
• Real-time monitoring of the executor's current tasks and location
• Tracking the status of tasks, checking work results of the executors
• Generating reports according to account's access rights and organizational structure
• Accessing to information about tasks and the necessary data about them, including data from external systems
• Getting the best routes for executors to arrive at serviced objects
• The ability to fill out the necessary data on the task during the execution, for example, attaching photographic materials, filling in the values of metering devices, violations, filling out a forms, etc.
• Using the application in offline mode
• Push notifications
• Notification of managers about disabling the GPS sensor on a mobile device of the executors
• Sending necessary data to external systems
• User administration and system configuration
Decreasing time for distribution of tasks among executors
Increasing the number of executed tasks
Providing real-time access to data on the current status of tasks and related data from external systems (if any)
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