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Halva installment card
Introduction: "Restart online customer service channels of the most popular installment card in the Republic of Belarus"
At the beginning:
• An existing site, applications, integration services.
• Dozens of stakeholders.
• Ambitious goals to increase transaction activity and affiliate network through the renovation of digital service channels.
• We developed clients personalized experiences concept for every digital service channel.
• A new website, iOS and Android applications based on Cordova / Ionic developed in 5 months with content migration to the new systems.
• New integration with automated banking system (ABS) were made. The solution was deployed in a scalable cluster.
• The customer's growth goals were achieved in 1 year using our solution.
Project notes:
• We were closely involved in the development of the product concept.
• The architecture of our solution allowed to fill the system with content (tens of thousands of units) continuously, from the first month of the project.
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