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Open API for p2p payments
Introduction: "Make the most of a bank's license recently got to transfer money from one card to another."
At the beginning:
• A license for transfers from card to card has been obtained from an authority.
• A number of tasks in different systems that were to be solved using the license obtained.
• We developed an API concept that solved planned and potential tasks for all customer products.
• We developed a layer of integration with payment systems, covered it with tests, and stabilized for operation in 5 months. The development was conducted in parallel with the other customer implementations.
• The solution operates in the PCI DSS zone, corresponds to PA DSS standard.
Project notes:
• We took responsibility for the API concept, standards compliance, synchronization of stakeholders, product development and release.
• Our team was involved in all processes around future implementations, which allowed us to develop the API based on them, without the need for further development.
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